How do I track my child's performance?

How do I track my child's performance?

  • Click "Assignments" at the top of the screen. This screen lists all of the work that has been assigned to your child.

  • Click the graph next to the grade to view specifics of a graded assignment.

  • This area shows the student name, the teacher that assigned the work, the class, date, the time your child took to take the lesson and their proficiency of the material.

  • This area shows how many questions were answered, how many questions were skipped and the number of correct/incorrect responses.

  • You can also view the actual assignment on this page.





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    Deanna Wright

    This gave me a general idea of what to expect.  Thank you

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    Debra Ritt

    I do not know how to get to the page that has the student's name on it and where it says assignments.Confused !

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