How do I view reports?

How do I view reports?


  • The “Teacher Account Summary” provides a brief overview of your teachers. This report includes the teacher's name, how many classes they have and the number of students in those classes. This information can also be exported.


  • You can also view Assessments and Standards reports using "Assessment Reporting." These reports show data by grade level and assignment or by grade level and standard. 


  • There are two ways to view the reports, by Standard and by Assessment.  The Assessments report is shown by default. Select a teacher and then click “View” to retrieve item analysis data by student and class.


  • The report shows class and student information, item analysis, proficiency level, and correct and incorrect responses.


  • To view the “Standards Report View” click “Standards” report tab.


  • The “Product Usage Report” shows how many times a teacher has viewed a standard and how many assignments were assigned to students.


  • Clicking the product name will open a detailed view showing you the Strand(s), Standard(s), Activity Type and Activity Name that was viewed. This report can also be viewed for individual Teachers, Product, and date range by using the filters.


  • The “User Login Reporting” shows a list of all users that have logged into the system, how many times they have logged in and how many resources they have viewed. This report can be filtered by date range.


  • Use "Export Student Scores" to get a .CSV spreadsheet with student scores. The drop down menus and date range can be used to limit the scope of the report.


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