What Are the Different Ways I Can Use the Product?

Coach Digital has many uses in the classroom and is flexible to varying levels of technology. Because all lessons can be printed, as well as viewed online (and many lessons completed online), teachers can differentiate and personalize instruction for students easily. As a teacher-led tool, this program provides resources for teachers and students both in and out of the classroom.

  1. Whole-class instruction (screen projection or IWB). Teachers can use the program as the back-drop of their lesson (displayed and referred to during instruction).
  2. Small-group instruction (in classroom/RTI). Teachers may have their class working on other activities (possibly from Coach Digital or perhaps from another product/basal). While class is working on activity, teachers can pull a small group and work with them in the back of the room. Can be a scenario of one teacher multi-tasking or second teacher performing small group instruction separately.
  3. Small group instruction (pull-out/RTI). Second teacher pulls certain children out of the classroom to work on lessons in a different room while the rest of class remains in room.
  4. Assessment-driven use. This product can be used primarily for digital assessments (both ready-made or custom tests) in order to gauge student growth.
  5. After school use. Used by teachers/staff after school to tutor students in weak areas.
  6. Virtual school use. Can be used via a virtual school where real-time instruction is occurring with the teacher and students are assigned activities afterward.
  7. Extended leave use. Student(s) out sick/vacation for extended period of time and can keep up with their classwork easily.
  8. As-needed remediation. Used intermittently throughout the school year as a means of remediating students who may need it.
  9. Preparation for testing. Teachers may use with students before high-stakes assessment, etc.
  10. Individual instruction (in/out of classroom/RTI). Targeted, tier 3 instruction.
  11. Center work. Activities and graphic organizers can be used in centers for primary grades
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