How do I view reports?

How do I view reports?

  • Mouse over “Reporting” and select “Assessment Reporting."


  • There are two ways to view all reports; by Standard and by Assessment. This report shows a breakdown of how the classes/students have fared lesson by lesson or assessment by assessment, both are included in this particular report. The bar graph gives a quick view of overall mastery level by lesson/assessment. Click "View" to retrieve item analysis date by student and class.


  • The report shows class/student information, item analysis, proficiency level and correct/incorrect responses. This report gives a good view of each student's progress and if gains have been made.


  • To view the "Standards Report View" click "Standards" report tab. This report shows users which standards need to be focused upon during instruction. Teachers can view the status of the entire class or they may also choose to view the status of one student's standards mastery.


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    Nazzarrie Johnson

    I need to know how to print reports.  I thought this program would be similar to Coach Connected reporting! HELP!!!!!!

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    Christopher Thomas

    Good Afternoon Nazzarrie,

    You can view information about printing reports here . I will email the information to you as well.

    Thank you,

    Chris Thomas

    Digital Support

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    If you make a mistake on grading word problems can you edit after you submit.

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