How do I upload my own files?

How do I upload my own files?


*NOTE: You will NOT be able to electronically assign any activities uploaded into My Files. It is simply a place to store all of your activities and handouts in one place*


  • Mouse over “Manage” and select “My Files.”


  • Choose a file to upload from your computer and complete the optional steps of typing a description and selecting a standard. Click “Save” when you are done.


  • To delete an uploaded file click "Actions" and then click "Delete" next to the file you would like to remove.



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    Kristin Fitzgerald

    Will there ever be a way to assign these uploaded files?  It is a great place to store files, yes, but would be even better if I could assign it to my kids. 

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    Carolyn Meyer

    Currently the functionality does not allow teachers to assign these items to students. We have looked at integrating them further and giving them an "assigning" capability, but they would not be gradable assignments. Stay tuned to see if it becomes a future feature!

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