Parent/Guardian's Guide to Coach Digital


Welcome to the experience of Coach Digital. Your child has recently started using Coach Digital at school to help acquire new skills and achieve their learning goals.


What is Coach Digital?

It is an instructional and interactive program that allows your child to practice key standards through online digital resource lessons.  Each assignment, to be completed at school or home, has been assigned to your child.


How will my child use the program?

There are different ways that your child might use Coach Digital;

  • Your child may work on lessons that have been assigned and answers will be completed on the computer.
  • Your child may have an assignment that requires them to place their answers on paper. They are to identify the lesson and number each question.
  • Coach Digital can be used on any computer or tablet device that is connected to the Internet.


How can I support my child’s progress on assignments?

  • You can assist your child with the lesson instruction and view the question types but they have been taught the objective and therefore the assignment is practice to be completed independently.
  • Encourage your child to read each practice problem carefully and take their time choosing the correct answer.
  • The questions answered will be sent to data reports and can be viewed by you and the teacher.


If you have any questions, contact the teacher for additional information.

You can also learn more about Coach Digital at:

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