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The Getting Started Guide download link is at the bottom of the page. 

Using the Library

The Library allows quick access to your content like workbooks and prebuilt assessments. Click the Library icon on the top navigation bar. Use the drop down menus to select your product, grade(s) and discipline you would like to browse.



You may also narrow your search by selecting standard(s).  This will display content relevant to the standard(s) selected. Click the Choose Standards drop down menu and you will find a list of the standards, with a brief description, that are covered under your current selection. You may select up to ten standards.  Once you have finished making your selection(s) click Browse Selected Standards. Your selections will be remembered. 



The left side will display a list of items matching your search. Here you will find lessons, digital and print assessments, instructional material, teacher guides and more. The middle of the screen will display the books that are relevant to your search. Under each book is a list of available lessons which can be assigned to your students.



Coach Digital also provides the ability to create custom assignments to focus on specific standards! Mouse over Assignment Builder on the top navigation bar and click Question Bank.



Select your Subject and Grade Level with the option of selecting a Question Type and Depth of Knowledge Level. Mousing over the question type icons will display the full name of the question type. Specific standards can be selected using the drop down menu. There is also an optional search by question or passage text.



Drag and drop your questions to the right side to build your custom assignment. Name your assignment and add any instructions you'd like to include for your students. Click Save and Preview or Save when you want to save your progress or are finished. 



Coach Digital provides a wealth of information with hundreds of digital books and thousands of lessons and assessments to foster student achievement. The Coach Digital resources provide teachers with additional learning materials and opportunities to implement a blended approach to instruction.  Lessons are available to assign to students, project in the classroom or can be printed for a hands-on approach. Teacher guides provide the answer keys and supporting documents for every lesson or test.



Real-time data from assignments and tests help you target instruction based on individual student needs. To view your reports, mouse over Reporting on the top navigation bar and click Assessment Reporting.



Use the drop menus and check boxes from the top of the screen to view reports for specific classes and assignments.



There are two ways to view all reports, by Assessment and by Standard. The reports will automatically start with the Assessment Report view. Click View to retrieve item analysis data by student and class.



The report shows class/student information, item analysis, proficiency level and correct/incorrect responses. Each item on the assessment may be viewed as well during data analysis.



To view the standards report view click the Standards Report tab. This report breaks down each individual standard by class/student showing the percentage of correct responses. Clicking the items will show the questions pertaining to each standard.


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