Using CUwC Initial Instruction Option

Start the school year teaching prior year concepts before teaching current year content. Find the plan that works best for your needs. Depending on how much of the previous year's content has to be taught, you can cover prior year concepts in 30 to 50 days. (30-day, 40-day, 50-day plans)

Identify learning gaps using the Grade Level Screening Test or the Unit Pre-Test, or both. Then assign the lessons and teach them before moving on to the current year’s work. Each lesson should take about two 45-minute class periods. Depending on how much material must be taught from the previous year, you can implement a 30-day to 50-day plan to do all the instruction, practice and assessments and then move on to the current year’s work. Practice is auto-scored and reported so you can see how students are performing.  After students complete the recommended lesson instruction and practice for a unit, administer the Unit Post-Test. Students who are still performing below the proficiency level you have established are selected to receive additional instruction and practice by the score report for the Post-Test. You also have the option of assigning additional instruction based on score reports for the lesson practice. Reporting in the form of bar charts compares student scores and class averages on the Pre- and Post-Unit tests.
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