Using CUwC Supplementing Grade Level Instruction Option

Use on grade level skills to supplement your regular instruction.

Use CUwC to supplement your grade level core program. As you teach your core program you can use CUwC to supplement and provide practice for grade-level skills. Assign lessons from the Lesson Planner as needed or administer Unit Pre-Tests to pinpoint areas of weakness within the unit. Practice is auto-scored and reported so you can see how students are performing. After students complete the lesson instruction and practice for a unit, administer the Unit Post-Test. Students who are still performing below the proficiency level you have established are selected to receive additional instruction and practice by the score report for the Post-Test. You also have the option of assigning additional instruction based on score reports for the lesson practice. Reporting in the form of bar charts compares student scores and class averages on the Pre- and Post-Unit tests.

Filling skill-gaps from the previous year:

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